Never before have I seen the national identity of an entire country summed up so eloquently in a piece of film clocking in at just over four and a half minutes.

Just Saying

Screened at the Dublin Film Festival 2013. Screenings at the Moscow Irish Film Festival and The Toronto Irish Film Festival, Eat My Shorts and more TBC in 2013. Broadcast on RTE Short Screen, 2013.

This short was watched over 25,000 times on Vimeo and 250,000 times on Youtube within a week of being uploaded.

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  • Emmet Kirwan
  • Written and Directed by Dave Tynan
  • Produced by Kathryn Kennedy
  • Cinematography by JJ Rolfe
  • Score by Gareth Averill
  • Edited by Michael Donnelly
  • Camera Operator Burschi Wojnar
  • Sound Recordist Fiachra O’Hanlon
  • Trainee Laura Danaher
  • Security Fred Nolan